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Welcome to Adrienne Blum Enamels!

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR HOLIDAY ORDERS – Orders placed after today, Nov. 20, will be filled after the first of the year. If we have the plates you need in stock we may be able to ship earlier but if we have to make them it will be necessary to wait a bit. Sorry for this but we simply have too many orders to accept new ones plus we move the studio to Texas for the winter

 For almost forty years, Adrienne Blum Enamels has been creating beautifully handcrafted decorative enamel switch plates and enamel outlet covers in an array of themes. Enameling has been performed for thousands of years, by many cultures, and Adrienne Blum Enamels uses many of the same methods that have been used since antiquity:

Adrienne Blum Enamels uses ground glass, which is applied by hand to a metal backing. The piece is then fired in a kiln, at 1200–1300 degrees Fahrenheit, for about four or five minutes. The glass melts, fuses to the backing, and acquires a fine, glossy finish. Our products may be cleaned with soap and water, which is ideal for kitchens and baths.

Adrienne Blum Enamels is proud of our products and designs, and guarantees unique, highly decorative, enamel switch plates and enamel outlet covers in your favorite color schemes.

Questions? Speak with a Adrienne Blum Enamels representative toll-free: 877-861-0243. Then discover why our customers are so satisfied with our products by placing your order today!